Enjoy your e-catalogues :-)

As much as we enjoy to create virtual catalogues, the same way your clients will enjoy to browse your sites page by page






Page turning

Intuitive page turning with just a click or by dragging your mouse or swiping your finger


Option of inserting a bookmark at an interesting point and then coming back to the bookmarked page easily from wherever you are.


Overviews for easier use of the catalogue. Using the overview you can easily move to a page that you're interested in


With a simple click you can zoom in on any part of the page that you're on









Saving and printing

You can save the e-catalogue onto your own computer or you can easily print it if you want it on paper

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and many other devices

Your clients will be able to access your e-catalogue at any time from their mobile phones or tablets

Active links

All products or references can be linked to websites of specific products

Search within text

Are you looking for specific information? Find it using the simple search function









Information bubbles

We will add a description for each product for ease of use

Shopping list

Prepare your own shopping list and send it to your husband, wife or anyone else


Our e-catalogues can have videos, animations and music incorporated into them


Recommend interesting flyers or specific products to people you know



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