We produce customised e-catalogues

Let your customers choose goods from the comfort of their homes using their computer, tablet or mobile phone

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Virtual e-catalogues

Immediate imaging! High resolution! Fast editing! Printed catalogues, brochures and all printed materials will be displayed effectively to your Internet clients and at the same time connected interactively to your e-shops.

  • Zoom function – imaging in the highest quality.

  • Easy orientation – viewing, contents, navigation.

  • Fast editing – in an internet form already in time of its release.

  • Detailed information on the products – so-called sticky notes.

  • eBusiness – notepad, insertion to a basket, shopping list.

  • Multimedia – implementation of a video, flash animation, music.

  • For display on tablets and mobile phones

Using our technology, Internet can display your offer with a volume of hundreds MB at the same time, thus at the highest level of resolution. 


Hosting services

Rent a space on the e-catalogue server for your virtual presentations. Dedicated servers located on the backbone network of the Czech internet under NONSTOP professional monitoring.

  • Imaging Server is located on the Czech Internet backbone network.

  • 10MB of space for each image with optional increase.

  • FSI cashe application

  • License fees.

  • Data administration and technical support with time-limited elimination of any technical problems and all data transfers within the Internet network.

  • Upgrade of the whole system and zoom technology with new versions.

  • Own administration interface and FTP access for ASP virtual-zoom partners.


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